Mixed with Pure HardTribalDisco Technology

Forest of Boom gave me another four hour slot and I filled it with a tasty tech and deep house and finished with hardtribaldisco.
Our second performing for Opulent Temple's White Party, Fadiem launched the night with funk and soul tinged house
BWB Seattle through down in Tacoma at the old Hell's Angel's clubhouse space in a small but mighty event
ReCharge is a burner art grant event where the partcipants get tokens to donate to whatever art grant they like and it funds the projects
Live at The Rendezvous's Grotto for Miles Birthday
Burners Without Borders Seattle had one hell of a New Years event called THAT PARTY. With 12 distinct spaces all over two warehouse slated for demolition, we really were able to go crazy. This is our set for the night -- enjoy!
We setup one of three outdoor stages
Live at Lake Bronson for Burn at Bronson
This is the latest installment in longha.us. It was a fundraiser for the Seaweed art project at Burning Man (we re-named the one-off event "Weedha.us"). It was recorded at Black Zia, a spot in Burien, WA as our old home burned down. It was the second night in a row of long sets for me, and I was a little broken this night. It made the resulting night a little more deep and tech.
I spun a wonderfully fun private party, called Underpants 5, where every hour you take off a little more. At the end we were all rocking out in our skivvies. Sadly the recording cut off at 3 hours (usually it automatically makes a new one but it crapped out here), but the whole night was over 4 hours. Luckily there were Brazilians in the house who wanted latin and salsa house, and that made this underwear-laden night amazing.
This is the 13th year for the pacific northwest area's local burning man regional event, and this was recorded at Forest of Boom from 3-7pm.
Goodness is a burner event in the woods outside of Seattle, and quite fun.
Live set from Opulent Temple's 4th Annual White Party
This is the set that Fabulous Fab and I played at the lucky liquor on May 2nd, 2015. It is full of deep, progressive, discofunk, and funky house, and a nice chilaxin' finish.
This is the set that Fabulous Fab and I played at the lucky liquor on April 4th, 2015. It is full of deep, progressive, and funky house, and a nice finish of banging disco.
pink floyd, gailo - j.pastor, far and wide - ss, PATT - sharam, organ of love, a lott of - alex kemji, translucent - phm, so high - shadow child, just a little - alex niggemann, guitar man - weiss, like you, hot since 82, music matters - mark knight dub mix - faithless, stop bajon - dino lenny, bad year blimp - matt lange, complete - arjuna chicks (jaimie stevens remix), you don’t have to be beatiful - disco stu, make ya freak - dj dan, conga - gary caos, the world around us - chris lake + marco lys, swimming places - (tom shark) - julien jabber, now or never feat lima list - tom navy, still the same - wise and kobe, check out the groove - wise and kobe, freaking funky -croatia squad + sons of maria, the hustle - evan + lima, sunshine - filthy rich endless summer) -filthy rich + topaz + filterheadz, little havana - hazzaro, man with a soul - park and fitch, hi tech soul - chicago loop, kripke’s basement - fithy rich groovejet - lissat + vltaxx + marc fisher, the word is love - sharon pass + steve silk hurley, shakin - jay vegas, sunglasses at night - popof remix - tiger + zyntherius, sunday shoutin’ - johhny corporate, ey yo walking boots - tapesh, time to get physical - nice 7, are you there - josh wink, music - deep swing jazzy mix - luis radio + deep swing + molu in his africa world, in the game - simon shackleton
free my soul, born slippy, come together, leilwa, shake that (mark might remix) - dj dan and mike balance, hight tech soul - chicago loop, chicago (vanilla ace remix) - fisher and griffin, in the game - simon shackleton, i love you - phil kiernan, house music - uto karma, block party - simon dotty, da boom - egoism, arrival - specter remix - zoo basil, taj mahal (fatboy slim), eastchester, follow the sun, getting closer - shackleton, curiosity - mike hulme, forcefield - shackleton remix - ettica, in the night - blondish remix - sivesgaard, no place like gnome - blondish, how do you feel - zodiac cartel, PATT - sharam, organ of love, swimming places, ooo - steve haines remix - milkwish, high voltage - marc systematic remix - d-quattro, generation 303 - nic romero, shakin, u don’t know me, under the water, groovejet - lissat, volta and mark fsherman with a soul, burning matt smallwood, man with a soul - prok and fitch, i love you - phil kiernan, shnorkel, blue monday - dj dan remix
Setlist: Dance to the music, Knock on wood, Tragedy, Brick house, I feel love, Shining star, Atomic dog, Get down tonight, Play that funky music white boy, You should be dancing, Funkytown, Disco inferno, Electric avenue, Stayin alive I will survive , That's the way I like it, Don't stop stil you get enough , Word up, Saturday night fever
Setlist: Playa den bossa, Pushing on, Never, Wiggle, Ready steady go, Helium, Rocking, Disco inferno, Shake it up, Balada, Flamenco, This is soul, In the mixx, Praise you
One amazing night! Starting deep, and finish with hardtribaldisco
84 minute all breaks set!
69 minutes of ElectroSwing and a touch of hardtribaldisco
Nearly 3 hours of deep house
Full event - 8.5 hours with over 10 performers
Album: BreakScape
Live at the ReBirth Burning Man Regional Event in Pahoa, Big Island, Hawaii
Live at the ReBirth Burning Man Regional Event in Pahoa, Big Island, Hawaii
A ferocious live set direct from PDX's hottest nightclub
The excellent latin house local support for the night
Shapeshifter, diem, B-Smarter
Shapeshifter vs. B-Smarter
A hard tribal/evil disco mix, guaranteed to keep you on the dancefloor. A diem (tm) exclusive. 104 MB download
A luscious San Francisco Deep House Set: "Pre-Funk", perfect for getting you pumped up for the night. Deep, dark, and sexy guaranteed. 103 MB download
A tasty house blend with hard funk influences 76.1 MB download