Mixed with Pure HardTribalDisco Technology

Residing in Seattle, I've played throughout North America, and toured Mexico in late 2008.

  • How long have you been performing?
    Since 1993! I got started in the house party scene of University of California at San Diego. House music was a relative newcomer to San Diego, plus the beach and rock vibe would have me rocking Richard Humpty Vission tracks the same night as AC/DC and Jimmy Buffet. That time was a very influential one on me; it is the reason I love playing pretty much everything I can get my hands on in one night. back to top
  • What makes you different?
    I've been known for dancing behind the decks, pumping my fist, and often joining the crowd. One thing I always do is *have fun*. So many dj's make the mistake of not having fun, not smiling, and not enjoying themselves. My biggest dj performance influences are Fatboy Slim and Donald Glaude. They both have a ridiculous infectious energy that goes past the stage. back to top
  • What's up with the bunny ears?
    I started wearing the ears around 2003. My friend Lisa bought them, and I asked to borrow them for a party. Needless to say she never got them back -- in fact, they are currently framed and mounted on velvet and hanging on my wall. back to top
  • What is "HardTribalDisco"?
    I define my sound as "hardtribaldisco", a blend of tribal Latin rhythms, hard funk, house beats, breaks, and layered evil disco. The complement I love to hear is "I normally don't dance to 'techno', but man you had me moving!" back to top