Mixed with Pure HardTribalDisco Technology

(01-13-04) Featuring Rico Thunder!
(01-27-04) Featuring Randy Engstrom
(02-02-04) Featuring R.A.
(02-09-04) Featuring Dane Johnson. diem on the decks
(02-16-04) Featuring Steve Crews. DJ Scott playing a little deep tech
(02-23-04) Featuring Matt Conlon -- DJ Roboto (Matt Conlon) playing lord knows what....
(03-01-04) Featuring Alex Wilson. LudingtonGT (Greg Taylor) spinning a smattering of tough house
(3-08-04) Featuring Angelface (Angela Dove). Dr. Benway (Michael Holden)
(3-15-04) Featuring Buphalo (Mark) and it's Joey's B-Day. DJ Kirby!!! dirty breaks! uh huh!
(3-22-04) Featuring a late Dan Corcoran. He comes in about 20 minutes in. DJ James "the chef" Sherrill
(3-29-04) Featuring Kelly, the original Kit Kat. diem on the decks, Joey Stanker on guitar
(02-11-07) featuring Chris Bell, and many DJ's after
(03-11-07) featuring Brian Wise, and diem on the decks followed